Working Remote Framework

Bootcamp and Triage Services

Bootcamp Services are engaging, half day sessions that focus on the answers you need and the questions you should be asking. We provide a personalized report, highlighting tactical and strategic items that will allow you to improve efficiencies, control costs and protect the technical assets in your company. Remote Business Triage Services are also available as a 30 minute Q&A to address current challenges you have connecting remote employees.

Key Technical Bootcamp Steps

IT Road Mapping and Business Continuity for Small to Medium size Business

Access and portability for Remote employees.


• Business Goals

• Technical Systems / Tools

• Business Operations / Workflow

Collaborative Evaluation

• Interactive Q&A

• Technical Priorities

• Operational Requirements

• Communication & File share capabilities

• Technical “Right-Size” for economic and functional efficiency.


• Tactical – Recommendation on management of current tools, settings and workflows.

• Strategic – Recommendation on the alignment of business goals & priorities with technical assets.


Bootcamp Package A
Interactive review and technical summary for a tactical and strategic Roadmap to secure remote accessibility, improve efficiencies, control costs and protect assets with technology.

Bootcamp focus options:

• IT Road Mapping for SMB

• Accessibility for Remote employees

• Technical Right-Sizing for efficiency


Bootcamp Package B

This is a perfect opportunity to share and talk about what others in your situation are doing to manage and adapt to virtual environments. This service is available at a reduced rate of $49.

TRIAGE for REMOTE BUSINESS includes a 30-minute Q/A Consultation with our experts.

• Your burning questions about remote business tools.

• Challenges you are facing.

• What we are seeing and how others are dealing with recent changes.

Recently, the business environment changed within just a few short days. A rapid shift to working from home is forcing us all to look at how we operate. For this reason, technology is more important now than ever. The means in which we communicate is “Ground Zero” in this new “NORMAL”. Virtual collaboration with tools that offer voice, conference, file and screen share capabilities have gone from a luxury to what is now a necessity in everyday business.

Our team at Moonshot Innovations wishes you, your family and your business, health and security as we work together to establish the new “NORMAL”.

Bill Marshall

President - Moonshot Innovations

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