CIO to GO - The Rise of the Fractional CIO

CIO to GO - "The Rise of the Fractional CIO" 12-13-2019   by Tom Fraccascia Getting the most out of a Fractional or Virtual CIO engagement is not complicated. There are a number of simple but critical and costly items that are often overlooked. I’ll show you how you can ensure the success of your Retained, Project or Transitional CIO program. Commit in these 6 "key" areas to protect and grow your technical ROI. ESTABLISH BUSINESS GOALS and OBJECTIVES You are in business for a reason. What is that reason? What are the real BUSINESS GOALS and OBJECTIVES that support that “reason”? This is where it all begins. With sound business driven goals, a Fractional CIO can immediately begin to establish tactical and strategic elements of a technical roadmap. This is the Roadmap that supports the “reason” you are in business.BUILD A ROADMAP Establishing a ROADMAP is where the experience of a Fractional CIO stands out. Exposure to many technical products, processes, architectures and knowledge...


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