Security As A Service - SAAS

Cyber Attacks are a threat to your business.

Data breaches exposed 22 billion records in 2021, and only 5% of company’s folders are properly protected.

How safe is your network? This is a question business leaders should immediately, and confidently, know the answer to. Every business has valuable information on their networks, whether it’s company financials, employee medical information, contracts, or proprietary information.

If you have the tools necessary to secure your network, now you need a partner who will educate, plan, execute, monitor and respond to all security threats, actively protecting your assets from any outside threats.

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MOONSHOT Innovations Security

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GEt 24/7 Innovations Security

Large- and small-scale security breaches are on the rise and increasing in severity; hackers are using clever and cunning tactics in recent years, constantly evolving their attacks while new malware and viruses are discovered daily – among the most common attacks include phishing, whaling, malware, social engineering, ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS).

As a leader in SaaS, our certified team offers clients a comprehensive solution with a framework that keeps you in charge while we do the heavy lifting. Take a look at our preventative security strategy below.

Secure With:
Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Defend & Contain With:
Managed Detect Response (MDR) Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM)

Manage With:
Governance & Oversight Services