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Virtual CIO & Fractional CIO

Setting and managing a technical strategy can be extra challenging if you don’t have a dedicated IT department. 

Experts in application, infrastructure, security and vendor management are a luxury that only the larger organizations have.  Right?  WRONG!  Through our Fractional or Virtual CIO Services, we offer clients the tactical and strategic leadership needed to address a specific challenge or work as an integrated partner within your leadership team to plan for the years to come.  Contact us to discuss the level of service that is right for you.

  • Align business and technology objectives.
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Technical Leadership and workflow
  • Security and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Technical Policy
  • Budgeting (Short / Long Term)
  • Vendor management


Considered the HUB of collaboration, the TEAMS platform combines the best of voice, video, chat, calendar, co-authoring and file management in one place. MICROSOFT TEAMS integrates with Office 365 and features extensions that connect with hundreds of Microsoft and non-Microsoft products. It offers a highly customizable environment that enhances YOUR workflow.

  • One place for conversations, meetings, and calls
  • Collaborate with 100’s of Microsoft & Non-Microsoft apps.
  • Security and compliance
  • Tailor your workspace
  • Create efficient processes and workflows

NOTE: Microsoft TEAMS is replacing SKYPE for Business. Contact us for more information on relevant dates and timelines.

Office 365 Solutions

A comprehensive platform of common applications used in today's office environment. This suite of products gives users the power to efficiently manage simple and complicated tasks in everyday business collaboration.

  • Commonly overlooked functionality
  • Most up to date features
  • Avoid 3rd party product overhead / administration
  • Email Security Enhancements, Phishing, and Spam Blockers

Cloud Cost Saving Solutions

Moving your work to the cloud simplifies your budget by eliminating costly hardware upgrades. Have confidence in the security that the cloud offers your business

  • Eliminate the need for scheduled (or unscheduled) hardware upgrades, power supplies and other on-site hardware.
  • System modernization
  • Administration and management are equally or more manageable that on-site
  • Offers the proper level of scalability that your business needs. No more, No less
  • Dependability (High availability / Disaster Recovery)

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Harness information by bringing multiple sources of information together in one place. Reporting and analytics come together for you to easily view and expand on critical information and all levels.

  • Set user preferences on data access
  • Present dashboards or live data to multiple forms of media
  • Simplify and automate reporting
  • Integration with multiple databases

Application Development

Build new or improve on existing applications for maximum efficiency and utilization on various device platforms.

  • Architecture to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Mobile application development
  • Integration
  • Modernization
  • Cloud Migration

Digital Transformation

Create a unique strategy for your short- and long-term technology needs. Work with the experts to craft a solution roadmap.

  • Modernization
  • Automation
  • Development
  • Software delivery pipeline
  • Migration
  • Project Management
  • Platform direction
  • System health and efficiency evaluation

Managed Services / Support Partnership Options

Work with our team of experts to keep your systems running efficiently and effectively. We’ve got your back!

  • Application administration
  • Infrastructure support and administration
  • System configuration
  • Monitoring / System Reporting
  • System health and efficiency evaluation


Microsoft Teams


See how Moonshot Innovations uses Microsoft Teams to streamline their workflow and communication.  We can help your business leverage technology to achieve your business goals.






As a company grows, so does the complexity of its software.  Real-world deployment automation can be incredibly complex.  Our largest client needed faster and more reliable deployments for their platform.  See how Moonshot accomplished this goal.

Inventory Management


"The technology efficiencies that Moonshot’s development team built into our inventory management software allows us to serve more people than ever before. This would not have been possible without a truly collaborative and transparent concept to project delivery plan with the partners at Moonshot Innovations."


Business Intelligence Dashboards


"Our clients LOVE the new features Moonshot incorporated into our software. The Business Intelligence Dashboard allows our clients start each morning with a real-time snapshot of financials for instant business insight."


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