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Another day begins.  We have the typical routines.  Check and return emails, sort tasks and prioritize by timeline, urgency, project, and a host of other factors. Then we hope today goes as planned. During the day, we find ourselves digging and sorting through months of email to find that one attachment, then we update it and send it back out for the next person to do their part… sound familiar?

This is exactly how it's been done for years, and at Moonshot Innovations we were no exception. Then a few years ago, Microsoft introduced a new tool called, “Teams.”  As a leading provider of technical services. We take pride in using the same product that we help our clients plan implement and manage every single day at the center of all that we do you'll find a culture that thrives on collaboration were extremely proud of this but none of it would be possible without the versatility offered in Microsoft Teams.  

Integration is what makes it unique. It truly pulls the best of all applications you currently use into one place Phone, chat, save email, schedule conference, and file share. We consider this our all-in-one communication and collaboration solution.

Remember, when I described how we sort through months of email to find just one message in teams. We now save communications relative to a project within a single channel or topic. Those emails chats and even updated attachments are found in one place where multiple users can view and update communications and work on the same document simultaneously. Hosting a conference, including video is made easy with the click of a button don't take it from me.  Hear what our team is saying about Microsoft Teams:

As a project manager, one of the most important things in whatever environment you're working on is communication and awareness of what's going on. Teams allows that, because the interactions with the team-- they're not in emails or other places where you don't have visibility to, if you're not included.  It's in an open channel where everybody can participate, talk through and you kind of pick up naturally and organically what's going on, what issues are being encountered, and you can target particular things to follow up on as appropriate, so I found that really helped my productivity.

What I really like about teams is that it lets us have all of our documents, files, notes, anything you can really think of all in one application without having to jump between five different things. Without knowing where some things open without being able to really keep track of everything all at once. It also lets us bring in 3rd party applications like GitHub, Trello SharePoint… Anything you can really think of, and be able to interact with all those apps in one place.

Teams has greatly simplified my day-to-day. Here at the office, not only with the internal employees that I work with, but we have a lot of sister companies in the organization that I work with as well, and from a communication standpoint, it makes it so much easier to keep track of the chats that I communicate back and forth with everybody as the chats are persistent and never go away, so I can recall any information that was shared, any files that were shared between each other.

I can recall those at any time from the Teams application directly and then the calling feature inside of it. One of the biggest benefits is that I can use it both on my computer at my desk. Every day and also on my Phone that I carry with me at all times.  I only have to give out the one Phone number which rings both devices so it makes my life, much easier and always on the go, I'm available to anybody that needs me.

What teams the days of sending files back and forth through email waiting on someone to update the file and send it back to you are over with files integrated into your teams each team member can collaborate in real time with quick and simple results.

It's just that easy why pay for 3rd party applications when you can easily hold conference calls with video screen share messaging and much more on a platform that you already have.  Did I mention it works on all devices and platforms, including Apple and Android tablet or cell phones, regardless if your attendees have Office 365 or not?

How will you take advantage of the many time-saving features found in teams? Call us today to learn how others are using customized workflows for document approvals, reporting features, that can incorporate powerful business intelligence tools as well as the app for access anywhere, anytime. If you have Office 365, you probably already have teams. Why not use it to your advantage? Contact Moonshot today. Let's collaborate on a tool that's perfect for your team.



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