"Our clients LOVE the new features Moonshot incorporated into our software. The Business Intelligence Dashboard allows our clients start each morning with a real-time snapshot of financials for instant business insight."


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Business Intelligence Dashboards – Transcript from Edited Video

Our software firm Staffbridge Technology is growing so quickly that we need to keep up with our current client requests for more features and tools. Our clients were asking for faster processes to assess and review key data elements necessary to make important business decisions. We asked our partner, Moonshot to enhance several features in our current client software, including intelligence dashboards an instant data reporting and evaluations.

This is a dynamic tool to view live data at a glance that offers the ability to easily drill down and expand on details in a comprehensive manner, view all client and business segments in one screen for an overall business summary that includes sales, billing, orders and a granular look at all the details leading up to these key items.

Ability to adjust key data parameters directly from the dashboard interface to drill down on client and segment performance, replace the need to create and analyze daily reports manually, and offer the ability to make operational decisions based on real-time data. Hover capability to expand on key data fields as well as offering user defined access.

Our clients love the new features and tools that Moonshot incorporated. The business intelligence dashboard allows our clients to start each morning with real-time insight into critical information to base key shift-by-shift weekly, monthly, and even year-to-date decisions on by including this dashboard. Our clients can make better decisions faster and easier to grow their business.




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