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"The technology efficiencies that Moonshot’s development team built into our inventory management software allows us to serve more people than ever before. This would not have been possible without a truly collaborative and transparent concept to project delivery plan with the partners at Moonshot Innovations."


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INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE – Transcript from Edited Video


Giving The Basics is a charitable organization that provides personal care. Hygiene items to people living in the greater Kansas City Metro area. We rely heavily on our amazing volunteers to sort count and packaged product every day. Historically, we've done all of our inventory tracking an order management on a manual basis, like tracking of inventory, processing of orders… that's all been an Excel-based system. We began speaking with Moonshot innovations it became clear that although the process. We've been using for years was simple, but it wasn't what we needed to keep up with the growth of the organization. We needed something to increase our operational efficiencies Moonshot gave us that answer.

Moonshot innovations took the time to learn the workflows and understand the priorities at Giving the Basics. This allowed us to develop a comprehensive software package that not only tracks in and outbound orders, but also makes it easy to create changes on the fly.

Ultimately, the new software developed by Moonshot creates a seamless way to manage accounts, orders and inventory with the latest and greatest in cloud technology. Our client can now view live data at a glance and drill down to expand on reporting detail to measure impact and project future inventory needs. In the end, the solution designed by Moonshot provides an ROI in the form of financial and operational efficiencies across the board.

Giving The Basics can focus on scaling up and expanding their mission to many more people in need. The Moonshot team built efficiencies into our system that allowed us to expand our mission, beyond the Kansas City area. What made it possible was that we had to have an open sharing of information and Moonshot made that so easy. We don't have to be the smart ones. We don't have to know what to do the Moonshot team knows what to do an we're confident that if we have questions in the future or if we want to tweak anything, they're there for us. We first realized that we needed Moonshot’s help when we were spending so much time on spreadsheets, entering data, taking staff time… and we realized we need to be more efficient in our operations and it was just very clear that moon shot was the right choice.



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